Tongue Cleaning

Tongue Cleaning

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The practice of tongue cleaning has its origin in Ayurvedic – a 5000 years old natural healing system and is considered an essential part of proper oral care. This ancient practice improves digestion, the sense of taste, and removes toxins and bacteria from the oral cavity. Tongue massaging activates communication between the mouth, the gut and the brain that helps to clear and invigorate the mind and is a great way to start the day.

Making tongue cleaning part of your oral care routine can bring a vast amount of benefits, let’s dive in deeper and have a look at what some of these benefits are:

Helps to prevent bad breath

The source of bad breath is often due to bacteria at the back of the tongue, an area difficult to reach with the toothbrush. When bacteria are allowed to accumulate on the tongue’s surface, the chemicals they release can lead to inflammation and the increase of sulphur compounds in the mouth, resulting in bad breath. Clinical studies show that daily tongue cleaning significantly reduces the amount of these bacteria.

Helps to maintain a delicate balance of oral microbiota

After the gut, the oral cavity is the second-largest microbial community in the human body, a community of over 700 species, formed by bacteria, fungi and viruses that coexist in your mouth. Daily tongue cleaning helps to control the overgrowth of any particular microbe.

Improves the flavour of foodTongue cleaning

The biofilm formed by bacteria and food particles on the tongue’s surface can alter how we perceive the taste of food. Daily removal of this coating improves the body’s ability to taste the food, giving the feeling of satiety and preventing us from over-eating and possible weight gain. The taste sensation improves after only two weeks of regular tongue cleaning.

Aids in the digestion of food

Upon contact with food, receptors on the tongue recognise food molecules and send signals to our brain to start the digestion process. Any obstruction in this communication will have a direct effect on how we digest our food. Regular massaging of the tongue also stimulates saliva production and aids digestion throughout the day.

Good for tooth and gum health

Tongue cleaning, together with brushing, flossing, and rinsing, is a part of proper oral care. Daily practice will help remove bacteria responsible for periodontal problems, prevent plaque build-up and tooth decay. It will help to maintain the general health of teeth and gums.

Now that you better understand the benefits of tongue cleaning, click on the link to further investigate why Olgani’s Copper Tongue Cleaner is an excellent choice.

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