Sea Salt

Sea salt has for centuries held a worldwide tradition of use in oral care.

Olgani has chosen hand-harvested, unprocessed sea salt to be the cornerstone of all its products.

The benefits of this ingredient, with its distinctive taste, are imprinted on our entire range.

Sea Salt is an integral part of NutrireB, the foundation of all our Toothpastes, Mouth Washes and Tooth Powders.

The benefits of sea salt in oral care are extensive, namely:

  • A natural preservative that helps to keep oral microbiota in balance.
  • Stimulates our taste buds and saliva production which provides vital minerals for enamel remineralization.
  • Adequate amounts of saliva acts as a natural rinse removing food particles, thus reducing dental plaque formation.
  • Alkalizes the oral cavity. An alkaline environment in the mouth supports better mineral absorption.
  • Neutralizes acids produced by the bacteria and protects dental enamel from cavities.

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