Sea Salt

SEA SALT is the cornerstone of Olgani's uncompromisingly natural oral care products.

We use unprocessed Sea Salt in all our products. The nourishing and healing properties of Sea Salt make it a perfect ingredient for natural oral care. Sea Salt imprints its distinctive saltiness on the entire range and offers a multitude of benefits to oral health, namely:

Natural Preservative

Sea Salt has anti-bacterial properties and when added to food, it prevents spoilage caused by a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. However, it does not prevent the fermentation in which friendly bacteria – Lactobacilli, are involved.

Lactobacilli are a part of the oral microbiome, and in a healthy mouth, they are a dominant strain. The aim of adding Sea Salt to oral care products is to reduce the number of harmful bacteria without a negative impact on Lactobacilli. Sea Salt helps to balance, but not to eradicate existing strains of microorganisms in the oral microbiome.

Alkalizes the oral cavity

Sea Salt raises the pH of the oral cavity, which helps to neutralise acids that weakens enamel, a leading cause of tooth sensitivity and dental cavities.

Stimulates the production of saliva

Sea Salt stimulates the secretion of saliva in the mouth, which acts as a natural rinse and removes food particles, preventing build-up of dental plaque.

Rich in minerals and micronutrients 

Minerals dissolved in the saliva support the natural process of remineralization and provide trace elements to the gum tissue.

Moderate and regular consumption of natural unprocessed Sea Salt is essential for the proper functioning of the entire body, as it:

  • Supplies minerals and trace elements
  • Helps avoid dehydration and balances body fluids
  • Is a source of electrolytes
  • Supports proper functions of the brain, muscle and nervous system
  • Aids digestion


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