In 2008, Olgani set out to create genuinely, natural toothpaste. To achieve this, we excluded from our formulation all artificial ingredients such as glycerine, abrasive substances, foaming agents, fluoride, artificial preservatives, and synthetic emulsifiers.

We specifically wanted to eliminate glycerine, which leaves a thin film on your teeth after brushing, preventing tooth remineralisation and contributing to dental plaque formation.

Following extensive research, we based our formula on the Ayurvedic principle of Oil Pulling and natural edible ingredients that have proven their benefits to our well-being. After much testing of various materials and blends, we created our unique base for all our variants of toothpaste – NutrireB.

NutrireB is a blend of sea salt, rice flour, sesame and coconut oil.

  • Sea salt enhances saliva secretion and regulates the Ph of the mouth, which facilitates minerals absorption into tooth enamel.
  • Rice flour, rich in minerals and vitamins gently polishes teeth while offering nourishment to gums and the oral microbiota.
  • Sesame and coconut oil offer anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

NutrireB offers gentle, non-abrasive cleaning, is abundant in minerals and vitamins, prevents dental plaque deposits and leaves teeth clean while nourishing gum tissue.

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