Zero Paste, Zero Waste – switch to Toothpowder.

Zero Paste, Zero Waste – switch to Toothpowder.

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Olgani joins a growing number of producers offering Zero Waste products and encourages their customers to consider a change.

Adopting new habits takes time and considerable effort, we all know that!

Therefore we continue to offer toothpaste and mouthwashes in their classic packaging, but at the same time, we introduce our new range.

“Zero Paste Zero Waste”  – Sage & Wintergreen and Charcoal & Cocoa Toothpowders.

Our aim is to encourage more customers to reduce the usage of plastics and consider an alternative approach to their daily routine.

Both our 100% natural toothpowders are packed in a planet-friendly glass jar, with recyclable aluminium lid and fully compostable box.

We blended natural, organic botanicals and minerals with our unique NutrireB to create two targeted formulas:


As with all our products, our toothpowders contain no fluoride, glycerin, sorbitol, SLS or any other foaming agents, parabens or artificial preservatives, GMO’s or titanium dioxide, dyes or sweeteners.

We know that consumer purchasing decisions will influence the direction industry will take.

We need you, to ensure that our “Zero Paste Zero Waste” offering is a success.

Decision and choice are yours!

We look forward to your feedback.


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