Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog

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Welcome to my blog, I am Olga, the creative force behind Olgani.

Little did I know that fourteen years on from my humble beginnings of a love relationship with herbs, minerals and supplement, I would have met so many incredible people, been on such fantastic adventures, and gained so much priceless wisdom.

Having this opportunity to share my passion and experiences with those who are interested brings clarity, purpose and fulfillment to my ongoing pursuit of all that is natural.

I believe in balance in all that I do and eat.

I wait for new trends to settle before I consider adopting them.

I am not in a hurry to rid myself of all my vices as they remind me that pruning is essential for new, healthy growth.

I have great respect for older people, and their life stories inspire me.

I have two constants that I rely on to put me in a good mood; most genres of music and being outdoors.

I have attempted meditation for several years, yet the chatter in my mind always wins, but perhaps this season I will finally find this quiet spot in me?

My interests are varied, continually being refreshed and are expanding as I interact with more and more enjoyable, challenging and marvellous people like you.

I value discussing what inspires and interests me, such as new scientific research related to our health, books I read, maybe a bit of cooking, a little travelling and definitely having some fun.

What I am trying to say is that I would love to chat and specifically with you.

With love, Olga.


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