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    • Herbal Refreshing 75 ml

      Rated 4.58 out of 5

      Day Time Routine

      Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste with its mild antibacterial and anti-fungal properties is recommended to help arrest the build-up of dental plaque and prevent gum tissue problems.

    • Mineral Rich Evening 75ml

      Rated 4.94 out of 5

      Night Time Routine

      While we sleep our tooth enamel is re-mineralized. Mineral Rich evening toothpaste increases the mineral content of saliva allowing for the extended and better absorption of the minerals.

    • Clove & Xylitol 100g

      Rated 4.60 out of 5

      Olgani Clove & Xylitol Mouth Wash is an all natural, powder-form blend of sea salt with organic herbal extracts, organic essential oils and xylitol.

      This product is recommended to help fight inflammation of gum tissue, fungal infections of the mouth and bad breath.

      High ORAC value of the ingredients helps to strengthen gums and reduces their sensitivity. Xylitol helps to prevent cavities. Herbal extracts and essential oils in this product were chosen based on their traditional use in oral care and their powerful antioxidant properties.

    • Fruity Orange Kids 75ml

      Rated 4.29 out of 5

      Olgani believes that efforts to discourage sugar over-consumption should begin in childhood. Stimulation of the tastes, other than the taste for sugar, should begin in the early years, particularly because children have taste buds in more areas in the mouth than adults.

      A child’s sense of taste is more sensitive and therefore continuous exposure to sweetness may lead to avoidance of other tastes and have bad consequences for overall health. Simple sugars, due to their powerful effect on the reward centres of the brain, function similarly to drugs of abuse like cocaine and nicotine and result in cravings and addiction.

      With this in mind Olgani has developed new toothpaste for children age 2 and up.

    • Sage & Spearmint 100g

      Rated 4.56 out of 5

      Olgani Sage & Spearmint Mouth Wash is an all natural, powder-form blend of sea salt with organic herbal extracts, organic essential oils and calcium carbonate. Its mild antibacterial properties help prevent build-up of dental plaque, stimulate the production of saliva and reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Sage & Spearmint Mouth Wash offers effective gum disease prevention.

      Olgani belives that glycerine, although it is natural and valuable ingredient used in pharmaceutical and personal care preparations, in oral care products it can affect the natural process of remineralisation of tooth enamel.

      Glycerine applied to the teeth forms a thin barrier on their surface and thus reduces essential contact of tooth enamel with saliva. This can contribute to the formation of dental plaque and cavities. What’s more, glycerine’s sweet taste can also stimulate cravings for sugar.

      Free from glycerine, emulsifiers and preservatives, this product offers a natural alternative to liquid oral rinses that does not stain the teeth.

    • Detoxifying Charcoal 75ml

      Rated 4.58 out of 5

      Natural Whitening

      Detoxifying Charcoal naturally whitens enamel, removes bacteria and toxins from the mouth, helping to control bad breath and protects the gum tissue.

    • Mighty Cocoa 75ml

      Rated 4.80 out of 5

      Natural Cavity Prevention

      Mighty Cocoa Toothpaste utilizes Theobromine’s restorative tooth enamel properties giving you a natural, healthy alternative to fluoride.

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