Poly Biodegradable PLA Toothbrush

Poly Biodegradable PLA Toothbrush

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Meet Poly, Olgani’s biodegradable toothbrush

Are you looking for a planet-friendly alternative to traditional plastic toothbrushes?

I am your answer, a 100% biodegradable made from bioplastic toothbrush.

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Hi, my name is Poly; I am your fully biodegradable toothbrush.

My handle is made from bioplastic produced from Polylactic Acid, better known as PLA, derived from renewable resources like sugarcane and corn. My black bristles are made from biodegradable nylon derived from castor bean oil.

When you throw me away, I break down back into the earth without hurting the environment.
My bristles are ultra-soft, perfect for sensitive teeth & gums, gently massaging without irritating your gums, and my handle feels nice against your tongue and cheeks. To ensure I cause no harm to the planet, you will receive me in a 100% recycled paper box.

I come in two colours: Charcoal to match the Olgani Detoxifying Charcoal toothpaste and Burned Coco to accompany the Olgani Mighty Cocoa toothpaste. Although I really don’t mind which of the Olgani range of toothpaste or toothpowder you place on my bristles, I love them all!

Please replace me every two months and lay the old me to biodegrade on a compost heap.

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 65 × 60 × 60 mm



Handle – PLA biodegradable bioplastic
Bristles – black nylon made from Castor oil-based bioplastic
Box – recycled craft paper


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Why this product?

What is PLA?

PLA refers to plastic made from renewable biomass obtained from plants like corn, sugarcane, sugar beet, cassava or tapioca. The polymerisation of lactic acid produces PLA through bacterial fermentation of sugar in the biomass. PLA can be processed via extrusion, injection moulding, casting or fibre spinning into many objects.

Benefits of using a PLA toothbrush

PLA is made from renewable raw materials. It has a lower carbon footprint as crops absorb co2 when growing and it takes less energy to produce PLA than fossil-based plastics.
It is easy to work with and requires less energy to transform. It is considered to be the best material for 3D printing. PLA is compostable, and when incinerated emits less toxic fumes than oil-based plastics.
It will not contaminate food if used in food packaging.
In case of biomedical use, PLA degrades inside the body into non-toxic acid. Its increasingly widespread use fuels further research into new and improved alternatives to fossil-based plastic.


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