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Olgani uncompromisingly natural toothpaste – the one and only option

During our life, on average, we will use oral care products over 40,000 times.

Oral mucosal absorption is well documented and is used for rapid drug administration.   When you choose an oral care product, are you aware that your gums absorb what is applied to them?

Olgani oral care range aims, among others objectives, to prevent exposure to toxic substances. To achieve this, we created our unique base for all our blends of toothpaste – NutrireB.

NutrireB is a combination of edible ingredients, namely, rice flour, sea salt, coconut oil and sesame oil, which offers a gentle yet not-abrasive cleaning action. It is rich in minerals and vitamins with nourishing benefits to both teeth and gums.

We do not use glycerine or sorbitol in any of our products as they minimize the natural process of enamel remineralization. Both glycerine and sorbitol create a thin film which you will recognise as the furry feeling on your teeth soon after eating.  During the few hours after brushing that it takes for the film to be removed from your teeth, the healthy minerals in saliva cannot be absorbed by tooth enamel.

Each of our variants is formulated to help to alleviate and prevent specific oral conditions.

All Olgani toothpastes are free of fluoride, glycerine, sorbitol, artificial preservatives, taste enhancers, dyes, abrasives, foaming agents, titanium dioxide, artificial sweeteners and fillers.

Our Toothpaste range is designed for specific solutions:

  • Day Time Routine– Herbal Refresh
  • Night Time Routine– Mineral Rich
  • Natural Whitening– Detoxifying Charcoal
  • Natural Cavity Prevention – Mighty Cocoa

Olgani Mouth Wash powerful powder

Our Mouth Washes are in powder form to exclude fillers, emulsifiers, glycerine, sorbitol and preservatives.

Each blend is a combination of only natural herbs, minerals, essential oils and sea salt.

All ingredients are carefully selected and blended to assist with specific oral problems.

Olgani Mouth Wash, when used as a rinse, easily dissolves in water and can be used at any time of the day.

Both mouth washes can be used as brushing salts as well, simply dip your damp brush into the powder and brush as usual.

Brushing with Olgani Mouth Wash will leave your mouth tingling with refreshing, herbal flavours.

Our Mouth Wash range is designed for specific solutions:

  • General daily rinse – Sage & Spearmint
  • Inflammation & Bad Breath – Clove & Xylitol

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